We believe in creating harmony through legal solutions.

We are a team of world-class attorneys with broad and varied expertise in commercial, international, and personal legal spheres.

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We do this through:

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Empowering our clients in the Law
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Legal Structures and Processes
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Proactive Risk Management
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Our team is experienced in being the "go-to-guy", so we understand your diverse and sometimes overwhelming role as a leader.

Therefore, we decided to create the perfect foundation of tools, strategies and guidance to support business leaders. We make the law simple, so that you can find peace of mind.

As expert guides, we identify potential landmines quickly, thus mitigating the risks that may blind-side executives.

Our values:

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We work collaboratively, developing and maintaining productive working relationships based on mutual respect.

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We say what we do and do what we say. Our greatest asset is the trust built with each of our clients.

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We take accountability for our decisions, our actions, and our results - intended or unintended.

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Diversity Awareness

Our team is representative of our passion for diversity, striving for harmony within our business and yours.

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Meet Rurik McKaiser

Attorney and Firm Principal

Rurik McKaiser began the firm out of his love for business and the law. During his years as a CEO, Rurik gained executive experience, fully grasping the needs of business leaders. From this, and a deep passion for harmony, Rurik started RMA Inc. as a way to practice Positive-Law.

He observed daily the growing gap between the legal system and the common need within organisations to maintain harmony. RMA Inc. is the bridge to support this.

Rurik brings an integrated blend of entrepreneurial flair and enterprise-level insights, with the aim to harmonise a company's leaders, its culture, and its processes.

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Wandile Mazibuko

Associate Attorney

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Xolani Ngwenya

Candidate Attorney

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Esther Paliathan

Office Administrator

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Vera McKaiser


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